Web design & development

A Great looking website is only what you'll notice first. Behind every design we work closely with you to build a strategy for your targeting your business online, optimize your content, set measurable goals for consistent improvement and follow though with with painstaking attention in developing a website that gets you results.

Devices ideal for responsive design

Responsive Design.
From a mobile phone to a tablet to a desktop and back, designed so it works on everything.

Customers today use the internet everywhere they go. Take a look around, and chances are that you will see spot them on buses, in cars, at coffee shops or in your very store browsing the internet trying to make a decision on whether or not to make a purchase. A dedicated mobile site used to make sense before data plans and larger screens; however, since the rise of smartphones & tablets, people expect and deserve to have a full sized website experience on the itty-bitty rectangle that fits right in their pocket.

A responsive (or adaptive) design is built to automatically adjust itself to the best possible format for whatever screen size or orientation your visitors are using. Now you can truly rest assured that your sites visitors will not be forced to use a degraded version of your site and can get the information they need wherever users may be.

Content management systems

Content Management System.
Dynamic. Easy to update. A website that will grow with you.

A websites comes in two flavours static or dynamic. A static website is much like a printed ad where your content is set in stone once it has been published. Once a static website is live, you either have to learn to code, or pay a developer to edit it for you. Whereas a dynamic site saves you time and money by letting you easily add, change, or remove content all by yourself so your site doesn't get stale.

When we plan your website goals and a strategy for your content we will install and customize an easy to use content management system (or CMS for short). We don't use one CMS for all websites, one will be chosen based on your needs, and the needs of your visitors. To help you get comfortable updating your website content, we provide training and take the time to answer any questions that you may have.

SEO Results

Search Engine Optimization.
Baked in for optimal organic results.

The saying "if you build it, they will come" does not apply to websites! That's where search engine optimization, or SEO for short, comes in to help you get you're website viewed by improving your ratings in the major search engines such as Google and Bing.

SEO can be summed up into two categories, on-page and off-page. We do offer stand alone off-page SEO and search engine marketing services; however, each of the websites we design come fully optimized to get the best results possible from the way we construct you pages to the content strategy we implement.

Domain names and hosting

Hosting & Domains.
Finding the best home for your website.

The Cloud is the latest in terminology to represent that which is out there in the internet. Accessibility & security is very important to your business so potential clients can find you. If you already have a domain name and hosting in place, we will work with them on your behalf to ensure you their downtime is minimal, and security is high.

Don't panic if your just getting started, we've already checked out the top hosting companies around and will take care of all the details required and setup your hosting and domain names for you.